Will my shirt match the image on my screen?

Most of the apparel that we offer is produced using a process called screen printing. Screen printing is a fine art with a lot of variables including hand mixing each color of every design, which we do with pride.

However, the image on your screen is an approximation of what will appear on your shirt. Please keep in mind that what you see on your monitor is a digital mockup with an approximation of both size and color. Matching colors to monitors is fickle because monitor colors do tend to vary from monitor to monitor.

That said, our printers have been in the industry for over twenty years and are very good at what they do. The colors and the image that you receive on your shirt will be a reasonable representation of the image that you see on your computer.

In other words, the colors will be very close and you will not be purchasing one image and receiving an entirely altered piece.

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