How much do artists get paid?

Once Upon a Tee - Current Collection

Artists are paid $1 for each item that is sold and they maintain ALL of the rights to their work. In other words, artists can do whatever they want with their art. They can sell it on the streets, they can hang it in their bedrooms in their mom’s basement, or they can sell it on another website. Once Upon a Tee does not take ownership for any artwork unless it was created by us.

Artists are paid within 7 business days following the end of their art’s sale through PayPal. We also give our artists exposure through our website and our various social media platforms. Exposure is key for artists and we are ecstatic to be able to feature artists in our online community.

Unfortunately, we do not have a sales tracker available at this time.



Once Upon a Tee - Daily Designs & Vault

For our Daily Designs and our Vault, artists are paid a flat rate of 10% of each sale. Designs that are exclusive to Once Upon a Tee may receive a higher commission. Please keep in mind that artists retain all of the rights for any works that are featured on our website.

Once an artist is accepted to be featured on our Vault, they will receive a welcome e-mail with their log-in credentials to view their sales tracking.

Artists are paid on the 1st of each month (if that should fall on a weekend, payments will be moved to the first business day of each month).

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